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Tutorial para Modelar una criatura en 3D Max - Gnomon 3d Studio Max Creature Modeling for Production

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Tutorial para Modelar una criatura en 3D Max - Gnomon 3d Studio Max Creature Modeling for Production Lpi01_cover

Reshaping Volume with ZBrush
Lighting and Rendering the Final Mesh
Quick Sample Presentation for Clients/supervisors

01: Low Poly Modeling of the Body
02: Subdividing the Body
03: Low Poly Modeling of the Arms and Legs
04: Subdividing/Detailing the Arms and Legs
05: Reshaping the Mesh in ZBrush
06: Adding the Final Details
07: Lighting, Rendering for a Sample Still

Click here to view a sample clip from this DVD. Note that while this clip is 640x480 the actual movie size is 1024x768. View the stills to the right to see the actual resolution.

Laurent Pierlot is an alumnus of ESAAT in Roubaix, France and Supinfocom in Valenciennes. After finishing his student movie Baecktopur, which combined live footage mixed with 3D characters, he began working at SPARX in Vietnam as a modeling and lighting artist. He then worked at Attitude Studio in Paris for one year before joining Blur Studio in California as a character
modeler and CG supervisor. At Blur, Laurent has worked on lighting, rendering and compositing on a number of projects including the game cinematics for BloodRayne 2, Area-51, The Punisher, Hellgate, Rise of Legends, Fantastic 4 and X-Men Legends.

Download: OBSD-Crea.Mod.part001.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part002.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part003.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part004.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part005.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part006.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part007.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part008.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part009.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part010.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part011.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part012.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part013.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part014.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part015.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part016.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part017.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part018.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part019.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part020.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part021.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part022.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part023.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part024.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part025.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part026.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part027.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part028.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part029.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part030.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part031.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part032.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part033.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part034.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part035.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part036.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part037.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part038.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part039.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part040.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part041.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part042.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part043.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part044.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part045.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part046.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part047.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part048.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part049.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part050.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part051.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part052.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part053.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part054.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part055.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part056.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part057.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part058.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part059.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part060.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part061.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part062.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part063.rar OBSD-Crea.Mod.part064.rar
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